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Try truffles

Make delightfully decadent truffles. They make great gifts for family and friends ... or for yourself!

Baileys bear truffles

Baileys Irish Cream truffles

Brownie batter truffles

Buttercream truffles

Butterfinger cookie dough truffles

Cake batter truffles

Champagne truffles

Chocolate avocado truffles

Chocolate-champagne truffles

Chocolate malt truffles

Chocolate peanut butter cup cookie dough truffles

Chocolate peanut butter truffles

Chocolate rum truffles / Recipe

Chocolate toffee truffles

Chocolate truffles

Circus animal cookie truffles

Cocoa almond truffles

Coconut truffles

Cognac chocolate truffles

Cookie dough truffle pops

Dark chocolate Cabernet truffles

Eggnog truffles

Gingerbread men truffles

Green tea chocolate truffles

Guinness-pretzel truffles

Key lime pie truffles

Lavender, cardamom and dark chocolate truffles

Lemon-lime sugar cookie truffles

Maple walnut truffles

Monster cookie dough truffles

Nutella chocolate football truffles

Nutella truffles

Orange creamsicle truffles

Oreo peanut butter truffles

Peanut butter banana chocolate truffles

Peppermint crunch truffles

Pumpkin cream cheese truffles

Pumpkin pie truffles

Red velvet Oreo truffles

Red velvet truffles

Red wine truffles

Root beer float truffles

Salted caramel and whiskey truffles

Salted caramel mocha truffles

Snickerdoodle cookie dough truffles

Strawberry balsamic truffles

Thin mint truffles

Vegan chocolate chip cookie dough truffles

Watermelon sugar cookie truffles

White chocolate truffles

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