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Throw a fondue party

Have fun with fondue! Start with a delightful dipping dinner full of ooey, gooey, savory goodness. Then, dunk your way through a decadent dessert of molten sweetness.

Savory fondue

Asian fondue

Beer cheese fondue

Buffalo chicken fondue

Cauldron fondue

Champagne fondue

Crab fondue

Dijon rosemary lamb fondue

Goat cheese and pumpkin fondue

Grilled 3-cheese fondue bread bowl

Quick crockpot fondue

Slow-cooker pizza fondue

Spicy cheese fondue

Three cheese fondue

Sweet fondue

Cake batter fondue

Candy bar fondue

Caramel fondue

Caramel-coffee fondue

Chocolate and cherry liqueur fondue

Chocolate and ice cream fondue

Chocolate and peanut butter fondue

Chocolate caramel fondue

Chocolate liqueur fondue

Chocolate marshmallow fondue

Chocolate orange fondue

Chocolate peppermint fondue

Chocolate-sour cream fondue

Coffee-infused chocolate fondue

Cookie dough white chocolate fondue

Dark chocolate raspberry fondue

Dulce de leche fondue

Frosting fondue

Fudge fondue

Green cauldron fondue

Mexican chocolate fondue

Milk chocolate fondue

Mint chocolate fondue

Peanut butter fondue

Peanut-butterscotch fondue

Peppermint marshmallow fondue

Slow-cooker chocolate fondue

Toblerone fondue

White almond fondue

White chocolate fondue

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***bonus: Dip it in chocolate

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