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Eat chicken 'n waffles

When you have a hankering for down-home comfort food, try one of these delicious twists on a southern classic.

If you've ever tried the unlikely pairing of chicken and waffles, you understand the appeal. It's a delectable union of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, maple and… chicken? I realize it might sound strange to the uninitiated. As somebody who has repeatedly enjoyed this improbable creation, I must insist– don't knock it till you've tried it. Chicken and waffles are a dynamic culinary duo. - via: PBS Food

BBQ chicken waffle sandwich

Beer-batter chicken and waffles

Buffalo chicken Eggo bites

Cheesy chicken and waffles

Chicken and waffle bites

Chicken and waffle cone

Chicken and waffle croquettes

Chicken & waffle cupcakes

Chicken and waffle nachos

Chicken and waffle sliders

Chicken ranch waffle sliders

Chicken-stuffed waffle pops

Fried chicken and waffle sandwiches

Chicken and waffle sushi

Maple bacon chicken and waffle wings

Mexican chicken & waffles

Mini chicken 'n waffles

Waffle breaded chicken patty sandwich

Waffle crusted chicken tenders

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