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Devour ramen

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Top a burger with oodles of instant noodles.

Ahh, the ramen burger. It's the cronut's savory counterpart: A juicy beef patty topped with green onion and arugula, swaddled between two salty ramen noodle "buns."

Since Keizo Shimamoto debuted the dish at a food festival in Brooklyn, N.Y., people have waited in line for hours to get their hands on some of this salty, noodle-y goodness. [...]

If you don't have the patience to wait on long lines, you might be better off trying to make this tasty dish for yourself. And guess what? It's way simpler than you think.

And if burgers aren't your thing, how about ramen crust pizza instead?

Or a ramen taco?

How to Make Your Own Delicious Ramen Burger
How to Make Ramen Crust Pizza
Drumroll, Please: It's The World’s First Ramen Taco!

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