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Destroy hipsters

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Save the world from a trendy fate.

In Epic.Net's new game, control a Spartan warrior and throw your spears at a lightning fast pace in order to save the world from being hipsterrified. And, if the hipsters are becoming too much to handle, recruit your friends to join you on the battlefield and really put the hipsters in their place.

While Ruthless Spartans vs Cuddly Hipsters can be played like any standard game on a computer with a keyboard, it does include a unique and very cool feature. Entering in a given code on your smartphone turns that phone into a joystick while your desktop serves as the game screen. So, sharpen your spear and grab your shield; the hipsters are coming for you, and will not rest until you're thoroughly cuddled and grow a fine mustache!

link: Ruthless Spartans vs Cuddly Hipsters
via: All My Faves

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